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NewYorkKiks | Proxies


Proxy Shop – Providing the fastest Datacenter Proxies

Product Features

What you get when ordering proxies from us

Premium Datacenter Proxies

The datacenter proxies we provide are customized for maximum speed and performarance on critical sites such as shopify and footsites!

~65 ms Speeds

Compatible with a 1Gbps server, these proxies will be able to use their fastest speeds and checkout quickly!

Choose Authentication

As a customer, you have the choice to choose between IP authentication or User:Pass authentication. You can also input your own username and password!


The proxies won’t change IP’s in the middle of a release meaning that they can’t possibly cut you off during a splash release or checkout process!

Multiple Subnets

There’s no worry of getting your proxies banned in the middle of a release with our varied subnets!

Shopify, Adidas, Mesh, SNKRS, and more

The datacenter proxies have been tested to work for these sites! Our captcha proxies work for all sites!


Our datacenter proxies are guaranteed to be extremely fast as they are located on our top-of-the-line servers in New York, Virginia, and Chicago. Our datacenters are equipped with 1 GBPS speeds.

Checkout our past success below!


Secure upcoming releases with our datacenter proxies!

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