Frequently Asked Questions

What are Datacenter Proxies?

Datacenter proxies offer lots of benefits. Most importantly, they hide your identity when you’re surfing the web. That means you can easily cop sneakers with our datacenter proxies. Also they come with a benefit of being faster than residential proxies which is very important for many sites including shopify and supreme.

Can I get a refund?

If you ordered proxies already but you haven’t received them yet or they haven’t been delivered yet, then you are eligible for a refund. Otherwise if you already received your proxies then there is no refunds allowed.

How long do the proxies last?

Week proxies last from Sunday evening to Thursday evening.

Weekend proxies last from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.

SNKRS/Adidas Proxies always last 24 hours from the chosen release date.

When will my proxies get delivered?

If you order from us, your proxies will have the ability of being instantly delivered. So if you were to purchase last minute proxies and a release is about to occur in 10 minutes, we can definitely send you the proxies in time. However, we generally will wait to send you the proxies at the end of the day if we are not available to send them. You can always ask us on twitter or discord if we are available to instantly deliver.

Can you replace any of my proxies?

We currently do not offer proxy replacements if you got any of them banned.

Should I choose User:Pass or IP Auth?

Always choose User:Pass as an authentication method for your proxies. Only use IP auth if you’re using Taskbot AIO Mac Bot.

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